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treatment for adults

Am I too old for orthodontic treatment?

Teeth and tissue are essentially the same in both adults and children. Orthodontists can successfully realign crooked teeth or a protruding overbite regardless of your age.

Why should I be concerned about a bad bite?

Bad bites can be detrimental to a person's health. Properly aligned and supported teeth are healthier, easier to clean, and therefore more likely to last through a patients lifetime.

How long will the treatment take?

Treatment can vary from closing front spaces in a few months, to a complete rehabilitation of a neglected mouth that could take up to two years or longer. Treatment maybe up to 20% longer due to the differences in physiological responses in the mouth of an adult compared to a child. An adult's bone structure is more dense and firmly set so teeth may take slightly longer to move.

Can my appearance be improved?

Yes! Dramatic changes in a person's smile and profile can be achieved. A person can look year's younger by straightening crooked teeth or correcting an overbite or an underbite. A beautiful smile can increase self-confidence and, in turn, a sense of well-being.

Will I have to wear braces?

We use state-of-the-art, tooth coloured braces and discreet 'invisible' appliances for the most natural look.

How are my braces fitted?

Firstly, your teeth are cleaned and a liquid is placed on each tooth to prepare the surface. This is then washed off and your teeth are dried. We might place something to keep your lips and cheeks away so your teeth stay nice and dry. This may look strange but does not hurt. Then each individual bracket (metal block on your tooth) is placed on with glue. This is then set using a blue light. The wire is then threaded through the brackets and secured either with tiny coloured elastics or with a gate on the actual bracket.

Does it hurt?

Having braces fitted may taste funny but it wont hurt. Your teeth may start to feel achy after a few hours and your teeth feel tender for the first few days as your teeth get used to moving.

How are they tightened?

The wires are just taken out and replaced.

How much will it cost?

There are two ways of having treatment, NHS and private. We provide a specialist NHS practice for children. Some children may require treatment not available on the NHS. We can provide for children like these, and adults privately.

As an adult, how do I pay?

We are happy to discuss reasonable payment terms to cover the course of the estimated treatment period. Treatments between patients and accompanying costs will vary. Those factors affecting the simplicity or complexity of your problem will be explained in detail by your qualified orthodontist.

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